A comprehended god is no god.

A comprehended god is no god.

A wise saying by saintly John Chrysostom

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homeboy Industries

Today I had the pleasure of listening to a lecture by Fr. Boyle entitled, Tattoos On The Heart.  It was given all the way up in Walnut Creek.
The audience was asked to imagine the world as it should be, for that is our job, our work.  Fr. G., as his homies call him, asked us to imagine a place where there is no us and them, but just US.  He said, "God too busy loving us to be disappointed."

What circles do you see yourselves within or without?  How do we imagine a circle of compassion?  How do we gather those who are outide this circle?  He suggested that we try "stand at the fringes".  It is here that we can embrace and welcome in all of God's children into the dignity and acceptance and honor that is rightfully theirs.  Father Boyle suggested that we need to return people to themselves and said that all of us are exactly what God had in mind when he made us.  "You are God's dream" and our ministry, everyone's ministry is to recognize one another as the shape of God's heart.

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  1. Interesting post with information about an organization I didn't know existed...
    Father Boyle seems to be a insightful person!

  2. I agree with BigMac. I like the quote God too busy loving us to be disappointed."