A comprehended god is no god.

A comprehended god is no god.

A wise saying by saintly John Chrysostom

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The big debate

I'm not big on passing on chain mail of any kind. You know, the sort of stuff that is full of syrup but low on quality content. Sometimes friends send you things that you really cherish, sometimes you just delete it. Once in a while I feel compelled to respond. This is one of those instances. An old friend from Wisconsin sent me a chain mail "critique" on the current Health Care legislation before congress. Read on...

Dear _______,

Remembering the recent mistakes of Fox personality, Mr. Glenn Beck, who confuses Political Philosophy with good theology, we must always hold up our actions to our Lord and ask "Thy will be done" and not our will. I don't claim to know what His answer to you will be, but I believe we do have a responsibility to our neighbor. Actually we are to love them. Using the older King James version, our Christian obligation is to show "Charity". That means our love must be more than words as we are Christ's wounded hands reaching out in love to a needy world.

I believe that good health care is a fundamental right. I don't trust Government to do it perfectly, but I trust Big Business interests and Large Insurance Companies even less. Does this mean that we should stand by and walk past the person in need or follow the radical example of the Good Samaritan? I'm not entirely sure where Jesus sits on the whole health care debate, but if I had to guess, after prayer and self examination, I would have to put my fears aside and vote my conscience. It is concieveable that two or more people can both do this and arrive at vastly different decisions.

Think of the old argument of feeding the poor or building a beautiful church. I think we need to expand our vision and see that there is room for both or at least accept that one may be the calling of some and the other more dear to another. Either way, in good conscience, people of faith respond to God and do something. It is not enough to say, "That this or that is fiscally irresponsible." What are you, what am I going to do with Jesus' challenge: "Do you love me? Feed My Sheep." I think the high horse of Republicans and Democrats divides the energy of a people that are in desparate need of help... our help.

With respect and love,