A comprehended god is no god.

A comprehended god is no god.

A wise saying by saintly John Chrysostom

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The longest goodbye

The past two weeks have gone quicker than I imagined. I've been able to spend time with Mom on her birthday and many friends inside and outside the church. In between there has been preparing, organizing, reading required and suggested books, and whole bunches of "goodbye for now".

My mom asked me if there was anything that I needed for my dorm room. Knowing that she has a limited income on Social Security, but wanting to give her an opportunity to show her love and support, I asked if she would paint something. She is quite a good abstract painter.

She decided on a Madonna and Child. When the work was finished she asked me to come down to OC and see if I liked the painting. It is amazing. There are blues, reds, purple, and orange and golds around the Christ Child's head. It is one dimentional and somewhat abstract and, the best part, it is from my mother.

She doesn't remember where she found the photo that inspired her to "write the icon" but the bottome reads "SEDES SAPIENTIAE-ORA PRO NOBIS". Translated, this means THRONE OF WISDOM-PRAY FOR US and refers to Mary as the seat of wisdom and bearer of Christ. This particular image has been associated for centuries with Christian learning and is found in places of higher learning throughout the world. Nothing is by accident.

Francisco helped choose fitting matting and a gold frame that was 50% off. The clerk at Aaron Brothers was so helpful and even helped us cut the matting to size. The end result would not look out of place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

One of the first things to be done upon arriving at Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) was to set up a small pres dieux and place the beautiful icon on the wall above. Now I can go to bed and deal with the rest of unpacking and setting up the printer tomorrow.

Sleep with the angels

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  1. The best part is, it came for your mother. That was my favorite sentence. The best gifts are those that are homemade. The drawings my nephew and God-daughter made for me are the gifts I cherish the most. My office walls are covered with them. Bless you. I can't wait to see it!